Gold Sight
Some attributes
First Gold band around the iris.
Second Inability to tell people who are connected.
Third Severe social stigma.
Other attributes
Fourth Shorter lifespans; many take their own lives.
Fifth High Murder rates; many are killed and some murder their loved ones because they're connected to someone else.
Sixth Severe, crippling depression.

General OverviewEdit

Gold Sight is a condition discovered by a heriditary diseases professional by the name of Edward Fulson. It was not given it's name until twenty years after extensive research, the name being gived by Fulson's son, Gerald Garret.

The effects were seen through only the eyes of the people who had the affliction, the characteristics being quite obvious to anyone looking directly into the person's eyes. It causes regular humans to be able to see golden 'soul threads' that connect two people to one another, however, they cannot see their own thread or who they're connected to.

A person with this affliction is generally known to the public as a Gold Sighter and known to doctors as simply having Fulson's Disease. The causes of Gold Sight are mostly unknown but they do know that it is transmitted via heredity between two people very much like recessive and dominant genes are passed down.


As stated above, Gold Sight is passed down from carrier to offspring in the same manner that physical and mental traits are. The Hardy-Weinburg principal is quite relevant when dealing with the mechanics of the Gold Sight and the way it's distributed through the offspring of a normal affected carrier.

This kind of medical information helps the researchers by being able to track down the first carrier of the disease so that they can attempt to pinpoint the exact time of which this particular mutation began showing in humans. There is very little evidence to support this claim. There are several groups in the community who believe that the Gold Sighters are simply a form of higher beings and some who feel that they're no better than common mutants. 


Gold Sight is a very easy disease to self-diagnose as many of the signs are ridiculously simple to see. There's a laundry list of symptoms as well as false facts.


  • Gold Sight Ring: This fact is very much true. Any person with the affliction have a thin, neon blue band around the Iris in their eyes. This does not affect their ability to see long or short distances, it simply is there and shows that they're a carrier and afflicted person of the disease itself. The only thing this band does is show that the person has it. 
  • Sight Prohibition: Anyone with the 'sight' is completely unable to tell the person who their 'connected' is. If they try, they will lose all ability to speak or even indicate but this is only if they try to tell the person outright. It is not known what causes this but they're more than capable of hinting about that person's 'connected'. 


  • Closer To God: Many religious groups feel that the Gold Sighters are angelic beings or messengers of the divine; this could not be more false. These people are regular humans whose bodies simply work on different energy levels than others. 

Known Gold SightersEdit